Walgreens 3.1

Walgreens 3.1

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iOS 4.0 or later
March 19th, 2012

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Walgreens 3.1 Description

Walgreens 3.1 brings you an interesting and impressive iPhone app, featuring Refill by Scan*. Simply order your prescription refills by scanning the barcode on your pill bottle. You can also receive refill reminders by utilizing Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). And with new Pill Reminder, you can set-up alerts so you’ll never forget when to take your prescriptions. Other great features like Quick Prints, allows you to select pictures from your iPhone and pick up the prints in about an hour. Find the store nearest you using GPS. Discover in-store savings in your local mobile Weekly Ad or view exclusive mobile coupons. Add items to your mobile shopping list and share them. Scan barcodes and QR codes from paper Weekly Ad to learn more about products and promotions and add items to your shopping list.

Major Features:
  1. Pharmacy Features: 
    • Walgreens makes refilling prescriptions quick and convenient for you. 
    • Using convenient Refill by Scan feature, simply scan the barcode on your 
    • prescription bottle for instant refills 
      • Set up your account to receive Rx notification reminders when your prescriptions are
      • ready to be refilled and when they are ready for pick-up
      • Order refills from your secure account history 
      • In all cases, you can now check on the status of your order
      • Easily transfer your prescriptions to Walgreens with new Transfer Prescription by Scan feature. Scan your current Rx bottle, enter patient information and select your desired Walgreens store for pick-up. 
    • Walgreens lets you print and share pictures while on-the-move with new, easy-to-use features.
      • Introducing Quick Prints! Select pictures from your iPhone albums to print and pick up at your local Walgreens in about an hour. No Walgreens log-in or account required.
    • Easily share pictures to Walgreens and Facebook 
  2. Photo Features: 
    • Discover great sales and savings at Walgreens, available to you on your mobile phone. 
      • Flip through the Weekly Ad featuring cover flow 
      • Add items directly to your shopping list from local Weekly Ads 
      • Find the nearest Walgreens store near you using our store locator feature 
      • View exclusive mobile offers up to three times a week in the Mobile Coupons feature 
  3. Shopping Features: 
  • With Quick Prints, you can take a photo and get it printed the same day. Simply select pictures from your iPhone albums, send to Walgreens and pick up in about an hour. Pill Reminder is a handy feature that keeps track of when you need to take your prescription(s) and you can adjust the settings to fit your needs. Transferring prescriptions just got easier with the Transfer Prescription by Scan feature. Just scan your current Rx bottle, submit to Walgreens and it will be ready for pick-up at the location of your choice. And they’ve added another feature to make things easier with a customizable home screen. Now you can move around icons on the home screen to organize them however you prefer, just like you do on your iPhone home screen.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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