Solar Walk 1.9.5

Solar Walk 1.9.5

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Vito Technology Inc|More programs
iOS 4.3 or later
June 2nd, 2012

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Solar Walk 1.9.5 Description

Solar Walk 1.9.5 brings you an interesting and impressive time-sensitive accurate information-packed interactive model of the Solar system and the Milky Way galaxy.

  • Mind that to use the 3D mode you will need a pair of cyan-red 3D glasses. And, yes, they know that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but by popular vote it has been added to the Solar System Model anyway.
Major Features:
  1. GALAXY view - absolutely magical zoom out to view the whole galaxy option.
  2. TIME MACHINE - set any date you want including even minutes and take a travel through space and time.
  3. MOVIES - explanatory movie collection about the Earth’s phenomena. 
  4. SATELLITES - real-time trajectories of the most interesting artificial Earth's satellites.
  5. LOCATIONS - arrow will show your current position on the globe, plus names of the biggest cities of the Earth, as well as sights of the Moon, Mars and Venus.
  6. INFO about all planets - general info, its name, its mass, radius, distance to the sun, internal structure with the picture and science missions.
  7. MOONS of DIFFERENT PLANETS: select a planet like Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars or Urano and observe how many moons they have and their track around the planet. Select one of the moons and learn.
  8. MIRRORING - wirelessly mirror the screen to an Apple TV 2.
  • Added new music by Astropilot
  • Object Lock feature: it allows users to lock the app on any planet of the Solar System and intended for classroom presentations, planetarium info panels, etc.
  • Fixed bug with orientation and velocity of Uran and Saturn rotation
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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Download Solar Walk 1.9.5
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