Phone for Kids 3.0

Phone for Kids 3.0

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
January 31st, 2012

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Phone for Kids 3.0 Description

Phone for Kids 3.0 is launched to be a helpful and smart app that transforms your iPhone/iPad to a complete Child Safe Phone environment. Here they will find touch sensitive menus with no less than 24 unique educational games and activity design to interact, entertain and teach. Phone for kids includes easy to digest educational materials about: Colors, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Directions, Days of the week, Animals, Drawings and much more. The perfect way to use your iPhone/iPad/iPod-Touch as a complete learning and playing experience for your babies, toddlers and children of various ages.

Major Features:
  1. 24 Amazing Educational Games and Activities inside: 
    • Balloon Numbers - Learn numbers 1 to 20 in a fun balloon popping game
    • ABC you and me - Type to learn of the ABC’s, hear each letter name in an attractive narration voice 
    • Directions Compass - Learn basic directions with a kids compass.
    • Animal quiz – Tap the right animal to win score and move to next stage
    • Touch dial phone – Learn numbers 0 to 9 , including classic phone and colorful kids phone
    • The four seasons - Learn about the 4 seasons of the year with fun and playful activities
    • Easy Paint – Draw and learn all 10 basic color names
    • SMS chat – Text messages to yourself and enjoy a grownup activity 
    • Treasure Map – Improve motor skills in a fun pirates game - catch coins and ships to win score , but try to avoid tapping the pirates or you’ll lose some score
    • Color Car Race – tap your favorite color car to make drive faster and win the race
    • Sing and learn - Sing the Do, Re, Me notes with the little girls choir
    • Color vocabulary – learn color names and spelling 
    • Animal zoo – See, hear and interact with 16 lovely animals 
    • Popup peek-a-boo – Pop the cute animal from its house and a fun and easy peekaboo game 
    • Alarm clock – learn about alarm clock in a fun and simple activation
    • Shape master – From dot, to triangle, from Hexagon to Ellipse. Find all the basic shapes, see how the look, learn their name and spelling
    • Color Magic light show – Touch the screen to create an amazing particle driven light show your sure to enjoy
    • Aquarium wanders – Help fish swim in an amazing underwater environment, motion and touch sensitive. Amazing to look at and fun to interact
    • Mr. Penguin directions school – Learn directions with Mr. Penguin, where is up, down, right or left?
    • Math Calculator – Fully functional calculator for kids to enjoy and practice.
    • 1 to 12 Numbers – See, Hear, Spell and learn the first 12 numbers 
    • Kids Guitar – An amazing colorful guitar with 6 strings, 18 notes and 6 animals to play, sing 
    • and enjoy
    • Galactic Star Rattler - Enjoy an amazing light show of animations and special effects in deep outer space. A Baby rattle noise maker where something is happening all the time, tapping or sliding fingers creates fun interactions
    • Days of the week Train - All aboard! The trains is driving through the days of the week 
  • Full HD graphics quality !
  • Enhanced and Improved Games and Activities
  • 4 Completely New Amazing Educational Games
  • Better than Ever 
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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