Math Fact Master 3.2

Math Fact Master 3.2

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TicTapTech, LLC|More programs
iOS 3.0 or later
March 17th, 2012

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Math Fact Master 3.2 Description

Math Fact Master 3.2 offers users with an interesting and convenient to use app to create a flexible solution that a grade school child can easily navigate and that is robust enough to grow with your child as they grow their math knowledge.

Major Features:
  1. FLASHCARD mode (practice) – Allows children to practice specific number sets and operators in the proven learning style of flash cards
  2. CHALLENGE mode (exam) – Lets children test what they have learned 
  4. Simple enough for your child to set and use
  5. Flexible - Choose ANY combination of operators and number sets 
  6. PROFILES - Add profiles to monitor your child's progression
  7. PROGRESS REPORTS! - Flexible reporting allows you to filter on numerous items to see your child's progression
  8. EMAIL Progress Reports - They've also provided the ability to send your results to teachers, parents, or whoever! (Note: An active email account must be setup on the device to use this feature.)
  10. NUMBER SETS 0’s through 12’s - Often the “basic math facts†are considered to be problems with sums to 18 (up to 9+9) for addition and problems with products up to 81 ( 9 x 9) for multiplication and these are generally taught first. They designed the app to start at a beginner’s level, so when working on the 0’s through 9’s number sets, you will not see problems included with addends or factors of 10, 11, or 12, but you can practice those problems when the student is ready by selecting the 10’s, 11’s and 12’s number sets.
  11. RESULTS menu – Results screen displays after completing a set:
  12. Summary by operator and number set shows the number of items answered right and wrong 
  13. Detailed listing of any actual problems missed
  14. Timed results – Gauge your child's aptitude by reviewing the time to complete a number set. Encourage your child to “beat their time".
  • Profile Management - A more intuitive way to select, add, and delete profiles.
  • Challenge mode 
    • When working sessions with 30 or more equations in Challenge Mode, you can now "End Session" at any time and your results will be saved without having to complete the entire session.
    • The number of problems answered is now displayed throughout a Challenge Mode session.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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